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Subscription Plans & Pricing

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$11 / month

The backyarder is our basic plan that lets you design and save surfboards.

  • Open, edit, and save boards
  • Print PDFs to send to friends/customers
  • Look things over in the 3D shaping bay
  • Get cuts from your local factory
  • Print Outline, Rocker Profile, and Slices for hand shaping or wood working

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Up and Comer

$25 / month

  • The up-and-comer plan adds in a number of powerful design, analytical, automation, and organization features.
  • Automated scaling / rocker adjustments tools to manage your growing collection of designs
  • PDF format of outlines, rocker and slices for easy printing
  • Width and thickness measurements at the foot marks
  • Thickness measurements on the rails
  • View volume distribution
  • Board Manager for easy file management
  • Import boards from Shape3DX (.s3dx, .s3d) and DSD (.srf)
  • Tokoro Rail Thickness to make designing your rails even easier
  • Ghost board dimensions to quickly examine 2 boards at once 
  • Volume sections to shift the volume throughout your design without altering the dimensions
  • Blank fitting so you can find the blanks that will work with your design
  • PDF Export options to print grid plan sheets for use in hand shaping and order management 
  • Auto adjust rockers that will automatically scale your rails and rockers when you change the size of a board
  • Biolos footmarks that display dimensions every 1' for extremely accurate size adjustments
  • Slice Area Profile to show how your slices blend in with your outline
  • Center of mass display that can be used to easily move where the thickest part of your design should be
  • Blank differential to show how much tolerance there is between your design and your blank 

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$49 / month

  • The heavyweight plan includes everything in the up-and-comer plan and also allows you to:
  • Export your designs in OBJ format
  • Secure your designs with BRX, our password protected file format
  • Preview cutting paths within AkuShaper software to identify cutting issues without having to waste a blank
  • Toolpath Previews
  • STL Exporting
  • OBJ Exporting
  • Offline Activation
  • Machine parameters

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AkuShaper Premium CNC Factory Plan $75/month

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(760) 473-1407

APS3000 CNC Factory Plan $65/month

[email protected]

(760) 473-1407

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