Missing .brd Files

How to locate your missing files on MacOS

When downloading a new version of AkuShaper, your files may be hidden by the MacOS security settings. 

First begin by opening the software and do a File -> Open

Likely, the prompt box will be empty:

From there, we are going to try and find your Desktop.

Start by doing a File -> Open

Once you have the prompt box open, locate the drop down box in the prompt. 

Either select your Computer Name with the Home icon, or the Macintosh HD icon (The names of these file folders may vary depending on what OS version you are running:

From there, select your computer name or the Macintosh HD icon and look for the Desktop icon:

Double click to open the Desktop tab:

Your desktop may appear empty at this point still. Please close this tab and do a File -> Open OSX Native tab back in the shaper:

From there, you have the option to search for your .brd files:

If these steps were followed correctly, your MacOS should now be able to locate your files. 

Double check by doing a File -> Open and see if your files have now shown up. 

Or use the search bar and type in ".brd" and "This Mac."

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