Top/Bottom Tabs

A quick start up on how to use the Top & Bottom design tabs

Getting Started


The nose, tail, 1' and 2' marks from the nose and tail are displayed. 

The top numbers (6.5, 15.0, 18.51, 18.13, 13.63, 0.46) are the width marks at those designated points

The numbers in red (0.56, 1.76, 2.26, 2.24, 1.76, 0.26) are the thickness of your design at those points

The blue bottom numbers are the rocker (measured off the bottom) at those designated points.

All of these numbers will change as your make alterations to your design. These numbers are also displayed in the dimensions panel.

The Top & Bottom design tabs are used to adjust the thickness of your entire design. This can be done by pulling the control points either from the top or the bottom tab.



More points can be added to the top of bottom to control the design of the rocker (cross profile) *New point added to the nose to show how to make a beak nose (Displayed below)

Points can also be moved using the arrow keys after selected.

The Top & Bottom tabs are used to adjust the rocker of your design.

To change the rocker, toggle between the top and bottom tabs and move the control points at the nose or tail to the desired rocker

Alternatively, rockers can be adjusted using the N Rocker - T Rocker tool. 

Select either the N Rocker or T Rocker and use the arrow keys to adjust both the top and zoom rocker. The entire rocker will be shifted when using these tools.

The Top & Bottom tabs allow you to change the nose and tail thickness (Zoom in for precise movements) The original board is displayed in light grey

To display a horizontal cross bar in the Top and Bottom tabs, navigate to Show/Hide and select Show Horizontal Line

This tool is useful to demonstrate how your rocker blends with the rest of your board

Adjust the center blue control point to change the thick point of your design 

From there, view your cross profile in the bay to look for irregularities

For a more in depth look at designing rockers, please read this article:

Rockers: A Beginners guide to board building


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