AkuShaper startup guide on how to design Rails and bottom contours using the Slices Tab

Click on the Slices tab to get started. Use the Space Bar to Tab will move between the slices

Use the Zoom function to work closely with your slices and rail. Use the arrow keys to move your board into viewing position. 

The rail profile is auto blended together between slices and the tip of the nose and tail. Add more slices to create desired rail shape. 

* Slices will auto blend together between each slice. Add more slices to manipulate the flow across the whole board.

*Hold the shift key down and move your Mose across the shape to see the blend of the rail between slices. 

Use the SPOT CHECK tool to remove point to see full rail outline

Add points by using the ADD POINT tool in the top toolbar. Place a new point on the right (working side) of your rail

To ADD A NEW SLICE use the add new slice but under the Slices tab. Add more slices to create new contours at specified areas of your design. 

Type in where you would like the new slice to be added. *Measured from the tail of the board. Click Ok and the new slice will be added

The Red rail line displayed when adding a new slice is to show you how that area of the board would look without the new slice being added. We call this non displayed slice, an "intermediate slice."

 Rail markers:

Y: Distance from the stringer or center line. Measured using just one side of the rail. (I.e. 7.51 is 7.51" from center)

Thickness: Thickness at that point of the board

Above 0: How many inches above or below the stringer the rail lies


Adding concave can be done in several ways. The control points on the bottom of the board can be manipulated to deepen a concave. Alternatively, you can drag the entire rail line up or down by clicking on the middle outside edge of the rail and dragging it up or down. From there, move the bottom control points to create the desired concave. 

To create a double concave, use the bottom control points.

Move the entire rail line up or down by click the outside center rail and moving your mouse up or down.


To add channels to your design, use the ADD POINT key and place two new points close together to create your channel. 

From there, use the distance from the center measurement to place channels at the intermediate slices to create a flow.

This can also be applied to the top of your design.


SLICES TAB: Move Current Slice

A Slice can be exactly copied and moved to any other point on the board. 

Additionally; a Slice can be imported from another design and loaded into your new board

BAD POINTS CHECK: AkuShaper has an auto detect slice problem tool. Our software will check your slices out and let you know if there is an issue to be corrected. Bad points check is located under the Slice tab.

Use the D,A,S keys to toggle between points. For a full breakdown; watch this video:

Slice Controls Video

For a deeper breakdown on different types of rails, design and tips and tricks, please check out Greenlight Surf Supply How to Guide on shaping rails:

Greenlight Surfboard Building Guide


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Thank you for shaping with AkuShaper.

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