Outline Printing

Startup Guide on how to use the AkuShaper Outline/Profile printing features

AkuShaper Outline Printing Example

Start by opening a new shape or a saved shape. *A shape must be saved first before it can be printed 

From this stage, Navigate to the Print option in the open toolbar:

We offer several printing options (details highlighted at the bottom of this support article):

To print an Outline, use the Print Outline Full Size option: You will receive the following prompt boxes to adjust your printer settings. Set the smallest possible margins allowed, choose landscape or portrait depending on the size and width of your board.

Next prompt will display your home printer settings (this will vary depending on the type of operating system you have) There are also several options to save the outline as a PDF or to email to someone: 

If you are ready to print, hit PRINT, and you will receive one more dialogue box explaining the amount of paper used and the orientation of the shape:

Click OK to print and CANCEL to cancel the print. From there, your outline will begin printing. The wide point and slices 1' from the tail and nose will be displayed along with the corresponding dimensions. 

Align the pages according to the numbers, tape together, and either use the paper template to trace an outline on a blank -or- attach the printed outline to a piece of masonite board and cut out a permanent outline to be used later. 

Additional Outline Template Tricks - Fiberglass Hawaii


Follow the same steps as before. Open a new board and navigate to the Print option:

You will be walked through the same print prompts (follow all previous steps.)

Tape profile prints together and cut out as normal to replicate an exact cross profile (rocker profile) of a design:


Print slices using the Print Full Sized Slices feature. Follow the same print steps as before:

*Add more slices to have more slices printed:


1' from Tail:


1' from Nose:


Print Board Info Page: Add board info in the BOARD INFO tab. All added information will print on both board info page and PDF print. 

Make a PDF file to send to friends/customers:

You will be asked to "add your logo" to the PDF form. To do this, simply search for your logo in the finder window that is given:

Hit Yes or No to add logo. From there, you will receive a Save As dialogue box (Save your PDF file) *Make sure you save it where you can find the file later:

Click "Save" and search for your saved PDF:


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Thank you for shaping with AkuShaper.

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