How to: 3-D Shaping Bay

A short start up guide on how to use the AkuShaper 3-D Shaping Bay

Video Tutorial: AkuShaper 3-D Shaping Bay

Multiple View Options

Solid: Displays the board in solid white

Sliced: Sliced frames to view slice transitions 

Wireframe: Grid style 3-D view. Helpful for detecting bumps in your design

Curves: Shows bottom contours, rail curves, and top deck line curves

Toolpath Preview 

Toolpath Preview: The tool path preview is used to examine the path the CNC router bit will move across the board. The amount of passes can be adjusted in the machine parameters panel. Tool paths can be viewed on the top and bottom of your design. 

Note: Toolpath Preview is only available in the Heavyweight or Premium Factory Plan subscriptions 


Distance: Adjust the distance of the field of view

Height: Increase/decrease the height of the board

Rotation: Rotate your board 360° on its stringer line

Angle: Rotate the angle of your board 360° on its center axis

Slide: Slide the board back and forth in the Bay


Lights: Adjust the height of the shaping bay lights as well as the intensity of the lights to get different design perspectives 

Additional Bay Features

Change the background color of the Bay


Use the Reset button to center the board back in the bay


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Thank you for shaping with AkuShaper.

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