Open Shape3d Files

Can I open Shape3D, DSD and BoardCad files? 

Yes. In addition to AkuShaper native formats we can open: .s3d, .s3dX, .srf and .brd formats.

v2.4.8 will automatically open and make conversion adjustments to Shape3d files. If you have any trouble, follow these steps below: 

To Open/Convert a Shape3d file:

  • 1.    File -> Open the shape3d file into AkuShaper 
  • 2.    Go to the Slices tab
  • 3.    Highlight the nose slice by pushing the space bar and go to Slices -> Delete Current Slice 
  • *Delete the nose slice (at the very tip of the nose, you can hardly see the slice, it is right on the very tip of the nose
  • 4.    Highlight the tail slice by pushing the space bar and go to Slices -> Delete Current Slice
    • 5.    Click on the bay tab and make sure the board loads properly without any errors
    • 6.    File -> Save As and Save the file as new .brd file 
    • 7.    Open new file and check if everything was saved and that it is a .brd file 

    Additional Tip*

    In the Slices tab, you can hold down the shift key and the left mouse button and drag the intermediate slice back and forth to make sure there aren't any problems with the slices. Sometimes when there are issues, the intermediate slice will stop on a problem slice and give you an error. To get rid of the intermediate slice (the grey slice), drag it off the tail of the board. 

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