Hollow Board Template Maker [Download]

Use the link below to download the Hollow Board Template Maker:


Steps to download [MacOS:] 

  1. Click the link to download [For MacOS users, you will receive the following warning message:]
  2. Click OK, and navigate to your Security & Privacy settings in your System Preferences

    3. Click "Open Anyway" and the HBTM will then open

    4. Click File -> Open, and open an AkuShaper .brd file to generate your hollow wood plans

For Windows Operating Systems:

In general people should follow these steps to get HBTM running on Windows:
  1. Download & install Java from https://www.java.com/en/download/
  2. Download HBTM.jar
  3. Right click on the HBTM.jar file, view the properties, and make sure that "Unblock" is selected. (see attached screenshots)

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