MacOS Downloads (2020-2021)

Important Notice! Recently, Apple has implemented new security policies, specific to macOS Catalina, that impacts all apps distributed outside of the Mac App Store. This includes AkuShaper. Like many other developers, we are currently in the process of passing these new security guidelines, but instead of making our Catalina users wait, we have decided to release a version of our software that runs successfully on the Catalina operating system. 

These changes have been integrated into the standard Mac installer and can be downloaded at the downloads page.

Please note that while the newest version of our software (2.3.0) is fully functional, it currently does not pass all of Catalina's new security checks. As such, the first time you open the application you may see the following message:  "AkuShaper can't be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software."

We guarantee that our software does not contain any malicious elements and that we will soon release a Catalina version that meets Apple's current security standards. 

Until then, our recommended workaround is:

1.      Right click the AkuShaper application file by holding the Crtl key and clicking once on the AkuBird icon

2.     From the menu that appears, select  OK

3.     In the window that appears (see image below), open the AkuShaper program. 

*You can also drag the AkuShaper program to your desktop from here.


Open System Preferences -> Security & Privacy -> General Tab

Click "Open Anyway" then click on the lock to save changes.


If you have trouble locating saved files:

Open your System Preferences -> Security & Privacy -> Privacy and allow AkuShaper full disk access. 

Here is what it looks like:

After you allow AkuShaper to have full disk access, save a few files to your desktop, close the software, open it back up, and search for your files. 

Please email us right away for assistance. 

Alternatively, if this does not work for you, we recommend re-downloading version 2.2.11 of the software and trying all normal functionality again. 
Here is a link to download version 2.2.11. 

Please let us know if you continue to have trouble, we are happy to hop on a call with you to further investigate.

Thank you
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